Jailer Paul Watkins

I took office on January 07, 2019 and I am determined to eliminate the “Legal Corruption” that has been apart of the Bullitt County Detention Center for nearly the past 50 years. My commitment to the citizens and tax payers of Bullitt County is to provide a safe environment for those individuals being housed in our facility and ensure that the facility is operated with the upmost fiscal responsibility. As part of our efforts to rehabilitate offenders and reduce crime, we are pleased to offer the Substance Abuse Program and a new community work program for our current eligible inmates here at the Bullitt County Detention Center. SAP is operated under the supervision of the Kentucky Department of Corrections at prisons and detention centers across the state with standard requirements and procedures at each location.

Inmates who take part in this drug treatment program are carefully screened and selected by the DOC. They are housed separately from the general population and are held to a higher standard in terms of behavior and self-improvement. In the program, clients are part of a therapeutic recovery community, with each member taking on a specific role within the hierarchy. They work toward education and career goals, receive counseling, attend classes, participate in AA meetings, and learn to be responsible for their actions.

SAP is one of several rehabilitative programs provided at the Bullitt County Detention Center. Our DOC-approved programs include Life Skills, GED certification, and National Career Readiness Certification, and we have started training staff to provide Moral Recognition Therapy. Each of these programs gives offenders the tools needed to recover from drug addiction and criminal behavior.

In addition, our staff provides therapeutic writing workshops and individual coaching sessions, while members of the community offer addiction recovery meetings, and religious services. We have also expanded our work programs for inmates to help them adopt a good work ethic and become productive, law-abiding members of society.

We are pleased to offer SAP and all of our programs to ensure a safer community, to lower the likelihood of offenders returning to a life of drugs and crime, and to minimize the financial costs of incarceration that the taxpayers bear. It is my hope that while the inmates are participating in the community work program, they will take their newly learned skills and apply them while trying to better themselves and work towards being a productive member of our community. Thank you again to all of the citizens of Bullitt County for giving me the opportunity to bring much needed change to the Bullitt County Detention Center.

Jailer Paul Watkins

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